Alone (English)

Do not trust my points
or my commas.
The flowers in the bouquet.
The national anthem you were taught.
Your company values+.
The smiles in the subway.
The power of your v-neck*.
Your legs after
the first bottle.
Your manager title.
The books you read.
Today’s news paper.
The ring on your left hand.
Because we are alone.
And together with your past^
and what’s left in your glass
I am the best excuse for a kiss.

+Core values
*On your black dress
^Your life

Text & picture © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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3 thoughts on “Alone (English)

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  2. Este es hasta ahora mi poema favorito de todos los que has escrito. Me alegra que puedas plasmar de esta forma en un papel los sentimientos de forma tan acertada.

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