Vedado (English)

On the President’s Avenue.
Feet without names or
battles remain.
They amputated bronze,
the bronze was killed^.
Salt storms on the Malecón*,
where the statues had their backs.
Rough sea of farewells.
I admitted you were not coming.
And I became sad next to the
chestless statues.
Thinking on the embassies and their
dinners for lovers in Miramar+.
If you do not come.
Did it happen what happened between us?
Can the bronze be melted with grief?
Can the present invent new martyrs to your pass?
Add new colors to the flag?
Tragedies to the great nation?
But you came before my
taxi departed.
And we said goodbye Ariana in
the same bed where we met.

^ The Revolution (1959) toppled statues of unwelcome presidents.
* Malecón the avenue along the cost in Havana Cuba.
+ Neighborhood of embassies in Havana Cuba.


Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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