Water (English)

Where do you go cold rainwater
between Trastevere^ and my umbrella?
The poet of poets+ has always taken you
to rivers and seas that do not know me.
Between towers of moors, olive groves
and gypsies’ blood.
The gravity of the law takes away
the freedom of kissing
Tripoli and Nicosia at your will.
Do not look at the greatness of
your cloudy skies,
and your active volcano eyes.
I urge you to unite
each drop from pole to pole.
Each pair of hydrogen atoms
and one of oxygen.
To form legions.
To sharp your swords and
prepare your sandals.
The time has arrived.
You can not always show
the other cheek.
The enemy does not considerate
your wishes or your children.
Clear the source of that force.
Break the source of that force.
Damnatio memoriae* all that strength.
Do not dance among their statues
Do not participate in their parties.
Stop being an accessory.
That even in their wine
you can be found!
When the battle will be over.
The tables of the law broken.
And the old order kneeling.
Take pity on me that this afternoon in Rome.
I have only colorless statues++
and your company.

^ Rome
+ Federico Garcia Lorca
* “Condemnation of memory” during the Roman Empire.
++ Many statues of antiquity were painted.


Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – ristretto230@gmail.com 
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