Elegy to Dr D’Albano (English)

Neither was a
little paper boat.
Light green mum
in A&E.
Nor my crying the river.
Neither was a
little paper boat.
Nor my crying the river.
The ones that devoured you
with fire arrows.
Converting your pulses
into hourglass’ sand.
That falls and falls
without being able
to touch it.
I hear it in A&E.
While the nurses call you
to your duty.
Does it matter
where you are?
You will always
listen to me.
And you are going to
leave the two green flowers
of your coffin.
And those
who mourn you.
Just Because.
I finished my homework mum!
It’s raining in London.
Watch me jump.
From a cloud
to two comets.
From this week
to two days ago.


Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – ristretto230@gmail.com 
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