Milan – Stockholm (English)

The mountains
beg me to stay.
The Baltic to embrace
the north.
I came to understand love.
Where the horses
are red*.
And the moon
cultivates blue eyes.
Moon introduce me
to your daughter.
Her name is Milan.
She is made of skies and snow

It tastes like fire to me.
We danced
and kissed in Tak+.
Under you in full moon.
Swedish kings,
Danish nobles,
protestant Christ.
I surrender.
Here I leave you
my baptismal stone.
Catholic and atheist.
Doves and seagulls
of Stockholm.
Viking winds.
Intercede with Milan
for my love.
She knows the warm
of the days without nights.
I experienced
the southern stars.
And the anxiety
that storms arouse.

* Dalecarlian hourse

Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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