Nastas’ia your train from Vienna to Budapest in Rome (English)

Your present and future lovers should
fear the selfishness of my initials.
Rome should be only ours.
Romans should build triumphal arches
with the perfection of your breasts.
Museums with your noon shadows
and your sandals.
Tapestries and Orthodox icons with your photos^*.
Sixteen Chapels and one Sistine
with our first kiss.
Vatican libraries with the book
you were reading+ when I met you.
Coliseums with our sheets.
Circus Maximus with your desires.
Walls and defenses to the blue Monday
of our return.
Catacombs to our solitudes.
Rome should offer the Trevi Fountain
to your crotch.
Bridges to the beauty spots on your back.
Basilicas to the fresco of your body.
The Pantheon^ to your thighs.
Roman Legions to the pleasure of your hands.
Choirs to your joyful mysteries.
The Bernini’s Baldachin to your bed.
Aqueducts to this night together.
Let the gods convert us into pagans.
Let all the roads lead me to you.
Thousand and one* joined Italy.
Thousand and one marched on Rome.
Thousand and one desired you.
And it is one and not thousand with
who you share this room today.
Of closed curtains,
walls happy for us
and lights for my memories.

^* You are from Moscow
+ Hermann Hesse
^ Of all the gods
* Spedizione dei Mille, Garibaldi men who unified Italy (half of the nineteenth century).

Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano –
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