Succumb (English)

Coup d’état to reason.
Julius Caesar’s fire in Alexandria1.
Yell infidels offering myself to the
spears as Constantino2.
Demolish all bridges in Florence but the Vecchio3.
Embark to Lepanto on tenterhooks4.
Capitulate Lucca to Napoleon5.
Surrender all weapons in Sevastopol6.
Tremble with fear at the first
row against Atila7.
Succumb to the unreasonableness
of seeing you Emilia at this bar.
Love you and desired you.
Wild omnipotent8 Romanian.

1 Burning of the Library at Alexandria by Julius Caesar 48 a.c.
2 Death of Constantine XI last Byzantine emperor May 29, 1493.
3 German retreat of Florence 4 August 1944..
4 Battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571.
5 Lucca is conquered by Napoleon , 1805
6 Battle of Sebastopol between Germany and Russia , 1942.
7 Atila is defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, 451.
8 I gave you my trust.


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