Marianao and Vedado^ (Vienna and Budapest) (English)

Blondes and brunettes
locals and foreigners.
In Havana and in Vienna
there are no more commandments
than jevitas*.
Tradition demands to close
our suitcases before going out.
So Lucifer dressed as a whore
or as a twenty years old.
Do not steal more
than happiness.
Love is always
in the next cup.
In the next bar.
In tomorrow, in this holiday.
Three Havana Club with Cola
and six tequilas.
This round is on me.
Tourist’s kisses without reunions.
I will wait for you in London flaca+.
Coffees on the train…
To you gentlemen
to your Cuban neighbourhoods
to our binges
to our hugs
to be alive
I thank you.

^ Alex (Vedado) joined the captain (Marianao) in the trip. Walker (Giucano) you were missed.
* Cuban expression to say girl.
+ Argentinian expression to say girl

Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano –
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