Ana (English)

I wait to wake you up
before I make your breakfast.
Count down of few seconds
and two suicide stars…
Gravitational waves
surfing waves
space-time now.
The astrophysical equations
do not lie.
While the stars remain
hidden by English clouds
and you menina+ by my sheets .
I move them and I congratulate
my self for having your legs and
your white milky way breasts.
Just a word away from my hands.
A desire away from my hands.
Play with your thighs and
dance with your nipples
I ordered them.
You tours with your eyes closed
to kiss me in a Portuguese
of village between mountains.
And the supernovae* with
the Cosmos without
Carl Sagan and future.
Abide the time it will take us
to love each other.
Before sharing our coffee.

+ Girl in Portuguese
* Some dying stars create a supernova.


Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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