Ceci – Steps (English)

Passed away few cities and
your hand-writings letters.
Three Popes, two twin towers,
Afghanistan, Ukraine and the Islamic state.
Presidents, governors, Russians and deputies.
Several plazas de Mayo^.

Wrong choices.
A tsunami, intifadas and
third parties naked bodies.

Your photo FujiFilm+ that came to me
by post and I marked on my album
with a black pencil.
Calls ‘up and down‘ after
diner from public telephones.

The night I did not travel
and I betrayed you in Cordoba.
The forgetfulness that does not happen
with you Cecilia.

Barcelona where I fell short of
enough therapy to be able
cry on your sofa bed.

New York where we sat
on the floor of that cute bookstore
on December.

This infinite bus in which
I can not sleep and
I am writing to your future.

The anxiety that in minutes
and not years we’ll see each other again.

And tomorrow will pass when I will
finally return to you, between glasses of wine*
and what did not happen yet.
(Killing all poetry, it did not happen+++)

^ Plaza where demonstrations are held in Argentina
+ Year of the Great Jubilee (2000)
* Mendoza Argentina
+++ That was the night I meet Camila https://ristretto230.com/2018/01/30/camila-redemption-spanish/


Text & picture © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – ristretto230@gmail.com 
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