Summer (English)

Water over water
pebbles, calcium and
the sweat of slaves mixed.
Ink over paper, writing down,
calculating, predicting.
Temporary scaffolding vibrating
with the weight of the mortar.
Centimeter a centimeter, gram by gram,
tree to tree, mountain to mountain.
Aqueducts that are created
expanded, that aspire…
Bridges that follow and precede them.
Legions that drink from your fountains
before marching on Gallia^.
Ports in all the peninsula
to bend the mare nostrvm*.
African wheat in the Roman loaves.
Silver from England with the
stamped face of the emperor.
The ambition has no limits
until it has them.
And you start to see more the
mirror than the door.
And the palaces and Lucca** and
e ‘bella l’Italia repeats itself ad infinitum.
The countries are becoming small
little by little, between football, fascism and
the five stars of populism +.
I walk and I can not find in your
coffee shops hungry for glory.
Desires to live, to save what has been lost.
I can only hear academic debates about the oppression of history.
While your aqueducts, walls, and people
die without hope.

^ Conquered by Julio Cesar 58-51 BC
* Mare nostrvm, Mediterrean sea
** City in Toscany
+ Movimento 5 Stelle

2015-03-29 13.13.32

Text & picture © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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