May Angelin-Fjords (English)

I choose you for your right wing speeches
and your book “Marxism and Law”
in your left pocket.
I choose you  because our first
words were not sweet.
I choose you because you never look
like the princesses who wanted to be
rescued from Dragons, by shiny knights.
And knights bored you.
I choose you now as I see you naked,
with your black trousers and
your white shirt … while I can feel you
breathing lying on my bed.
I choose you because in your blue eyes
I recognize that you do not need me.
I choose you with your “Richmond”
tobacco breath and hand rolling paper
without filter.
As I think about all of this and I choose you,
and I need to call you in your dreams,
and I want you to recognize me and kiss me.
I look at the shadows of your Nordic body
that I have always imagined to possess.
While my thoughts goes to your town
with your sea always misty and
your fjords evergreen.

Text & picture © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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