Cakes and orange juice (To you mom)

The habit that
is not routine+
begins in the taxi.
Granny and you, mum
smile to each other
thinking about the cake
you are going to eat.
Sometimes Alzheimer’s
carries you to that
mom full of fears
and frustrations.
When I was young
and everyone called
you Doctor.
Defeated by the house we lost.
By my brother the rebel,
always in pain.
By your Santa Rosa* without us.
But sometimes
Alzheimer’s forgets you.
And you eat cake,
and granny looks at you
and everything
is so yummy.
And then I forget
that you forget.
And we all remember
to love each other.

+Twice a year.
*La Pampa, Argentina

Thank you for the corrections Julian Mindel

Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano –
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