Lucia-Fear campaigns (English)

You told me you will not
sleep with me.
That between your friends*
and my fantasies even Berlin
did not have a wall like yours.
Pointing to your Italian friend
you warned me not to shag her+.
You deceived yourself
telling me I was after your time.
With the moral of a Peronist^
without demagoguery
or fear campaigns.
I must warn you.
At three AM on any Saturday
when you finally understand me.
When he will tell you no.
When naked and impatient
he will give you justifications
and no the sex you where looking for.
Then my door will be open
your glass always full
and your excuses on my bed.

* I am in your friend-zone.
+ Come on!
^ Populist .

Many thanks Julian Mindel for the corrections and suggestions.

2014-08-31 16.12.40

Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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