Simona-Piazza (English)

It is not impossible to conceive
from my autumn’s desk.
The warmth of your books.
Your cloudless sky.
Your present of
theatres and NGOs.
Your future in the south.
Your Piazza dei Cavalieri+.
Your prosecco and prosciutto.
Your family breakfast.
The smile in your photos.
Your paese* without walls.
Your farewell in the airport.
Your Sicilian music .
Your coffees in the strada.
Your city without subway.
Your honesty without mini skirts.
Your feet without high heels.
Your care without make-up.
My exile^ beside you.

+Knights’ square Pisa, Italy
*Town in Italian
^ From London

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Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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