Thousand peacekeepers (English)

Between islands of desks
and ambushes of pretexts.
Drafting a possible
Treaty of Versailles + .
For the morning
before the office.
I deceive as Kissinger *
my intentions .
You read me like Mata Hari**.
Campaigns of attrition.
Bombs in the desert.
Battles that never comes to Rome.
Skirmishes on your mood …
I know today was not a good day.
In every war there are only defeated.
If it happens, if it happens to us.
If you finally surrender and
swap your bed and your flag.
The thirty-eighth parallel ^ and a
thousand peacekeepers will not be sufficient.
To spare us from our pain.

+ Hall of Mirrors , Versailles Palace 1919
* Henry Kissinger 1923 – Americal diplomat
** Margaretha Zelle 1876-1917 – Dutch, courtesan, spy.
^ The parallel that separates Korea.
Thousand peacekeepers

Text & picture © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano –
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