Katharina (English)

I forgot the glass
we had stolen in Copenhagen,
before I met you.
I searched the walls of Pompeii.
In its cobbled streets
without drains.
In its sun of a sea side city.
In its god Vesuvius.
The same words
we said to each other
at midnight after the bar.
The same photographs of us
walking with smiles on our faces.
But the common people
have lost their history.
Those who did not conquer
or trample.
Those who did not march as
generals into Africa.
They were not remembered in
songs or pigments+.
And I remember you
sweet woman friend.
Although no one writes
about what matters to us.
And I have forgotten
the glass we stole
in Denmark.


Many thanks Julian Mindel for the corrections.

Texto & foto © Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – ristretto230@gmail.com 
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