Monika – Valletta (English)

Martyrs and red heartless virgins.
Firecrackers to the procession and
to the saints.
My whole life between coffees
and Aperol Spritz on this city break.
The sun guiding me to the
side table and to you Monika.
Ohh the history of this island
overwhelmed me.
What a pleasure it is to breathe the air
full of arquebuses.
While yesterday goes away I wonder.
From what airports do you come from
brunette from Bratislava?
What train takes me from
Cordoba to Slovakia?
Did you kiss in Spanish?
I feel just fine between you and Tina.
This deserves several more rounds.
Let’s dance behind those devotees
of St. John of Jerusalem.
The music of my land.
Let’s promise three votes of
chastity to your doubts
and to my eyes.
May Santa Ana envy your happiness
without Warsaw pacts
or Berlin walls in Valetta.
This is our time.
And not tomorrow and not months ago
when you came alone.
We continued with whiskey
on the rocks and Cuban tobacco.
But the history always
repeats itself in Malta.
Gloomily I understood in full the loneliness
of Suleiman the magnificent
in Lepanto+.
Building galleys in the
Mediterranean is not the same
than command them to victories.

+ Battle between the “Holy League” and the Ottoman Empire in 1571. Suleiman the Magnificent actually died in 1566. The Sultan in the battle of Lepanto was Selim II “the drunkard”


Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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