Prague (English)

I came to Prague and
I remembered Bratislava^.
Monika prefers the Danube
to the Vltava.
The old city is always
better without tourists.
Full of Czechs girls with
grey dresses and high heels shoes.
We were twelve counting
the one that was going to get married.
Twelve together and one
to the gallows.
Eleven men from Northern Italy
and one poet.
We shared our alcohol.
The laughter and cafes
were sincere.
They chose not to be tempted
by white bodies without sun.
I always choose to live on the verge.
The wolf pack’s testosterone
the calcio+ and the Juve++.
Are recipes for not talking
of what happens to us.
Sebastian does not believe in rules
and got me off of my cross
without apologies.
There were no maps
with towers on Prague’s castle.
To help me to forgive myself.
Only Sebastian and one
How are you?
I left Prague without
my admiral’s uniform.
I left the Vltava in
a paper boat.

^ I finished Monika’s poem at the hotel as soon as I arrived to the city
+calcio football in Italian
+ Juve Juventus


Text & picture© Guillermo G. Schiava D’Albano – 
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